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“Everything has gone from me” another suicide attempt rocks Manus

There has been yet another attempted suicide on Manus Island, bringing the total to 30 since the federal election on May 18.



In the early hours of Monday morning, a 30-year-old Somali refugee attempted to hang himself off the balcony of the Granville Motel in Port Moresby at around the same time, a 31-year-old Iranian refugee reportedly self–harmed. Both of the individuals were taken to the Pacific International Hospital. At the time of writing, their condition is not known.

Around fifty refugees are housed under guard in Granville Motel while they await medical treatment. Many have been waiting for months without treatment.


Facebook: Shamindan Kanapadhi


Since the federal election on May 18, the total number of attempted suicides and incidents is above 30.

The two individuals who attempted suicide were transferred from Manus to Port Moresby last week. Meanwhile, the local Lorengau hospital on Manus Island has sent all suicide and self-harm victims back to their respective refugee compounds, stating that they required the beds for local patients. Two aforementioned people are currently housed in the Shamrock compound.


The Shamrock Compound


There is no care or supervision in either the refugee camps or Shamrock, which is viewed as a low-level security compound.

“The situation on Manus continues to spiral downwards,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition, “…yet the government has no resettlement plan for those illegally held on Manus for almost six years,” Rintoul said.


The note the Somalian refugee left before his attempt. Source: Ian Rintoul


“The Australian government continues to persecute people that have been found to be owed international protection. Only 40 people have been transferred from Manus and Nauru for medical treatment since the Medevac Bill became law in February. There is an urgent need for the medical transfer of all those who are at risk on Manus and Nauru…the government has no resettlement arrangements for those still left on Manus and Nauru. Hundreds remain in limbo, and all hope is draining away,” Rintoul concluded.


The Big Smoke has reached out the Minister of Immigration for comment.



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