Study: If you snoop through your partner’s phone, you’ll soon not have one

According to new research, those who snoop through their partner’s phones will soon no longer have a partner.



It is seen by some as a measure of trust, a signpost of a meaningful relationship. You should be able to hand over your phone, babe, if you have nothing to hide.

Well, according to a new study, it actually serves as a fairly decent indicator that your relationship is actually going down the toilet.

To prove it, researchers asked a hundred people dish on that time they either stole a partner’s phone, or they stole theirs.

“In cases where the relationship ended, it was either because the phone owner felt their trust was betrayed or the relationship was also experiencing difficulties,” said study author Ivan Beschastnikh via a statement. “In such cases, the victim explained away the snooping by considering it as a sign that they should reassure their romantic partner about their commitment to the relationship. They ended up excusing the behaviour and, in some cases, continued to give the other person access to their phone,” Beschatnikh said.

That leads us to the real question: why? According to those polled, the reasons vary. While some mentioned jealousy and their desire to “control relationships with others”. Some respondents said they were joking around, while others did it to steal financial information. Which isn’t very nice.

“The fact that people snoop is widely known, but we know much less about exactly why they do what they do, and about the eventual impact on their relationships,” said Beschastnikh. “This study contributes new insights to that discussion straight from those who have experienced snooping, and hopefully prompts more research down the line.”

I’d like to congratulate the future Doctor Beschatnikh on his tenure based on sifting through bae’s phone.



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