Facebook knows when someone publishes your nudes…but they won’t tell you

As it turns out, Facebook has a system of stopping your nudes from being spread. The problem is, they don’t tell users when this happens.



Peep this. If someone tries to upload revenge porn, Facebook claims that their security robots will be able to detect and stop the process.

But the kicker is that while Facebook knows, the purported victims do not. Per The Daily Dot, Facebook will not send out any notifications about the attempt. Which makes it an odd level of secrecy considering their stand against it.

Futurism looked into their plot last year, which sees our Californian overlords creating “digital fingerprints” identifying the compromising pictures that were intercepted by their security team.

Which, therefore, eliminates the problem of revenge porn. I mean, you’d have to disqualify the nameless Facebook dork rating your bits while he/she or it was flagging it, but hey, one is better than more than one, right?

How to solve the issue raises another problem. How would Facebook handle it? Would they send users a push notification about this attempted harassment, or would they cut together a jangly wall video to announce which user sent it, and what posts you’ve previously shared? Probably, not. Clearly, Facebook’s current push, in not telling anyone doesn’t help, as it does nothing to stop further avenues of harassment.

Me personally? I’d want to know. I’d rather not assume that people aren’t sharing circulating images without consent.


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