This AI analyses your voice and (accurately) predicts what you look like

It seems AI is now toying with us, as one can now guess what we look like after analysing a small sample of our voice. Just take over already.



Well, this is particularly concerning. As it turns out, a new AI can analyse a tiny clip of your voice and guesses what you look like in the flesh.

While the AI’s educated guesses are not perfect, it isn’t that far off.

See for yourself, as the below image is pulled from the program itself, imaginatively titled, ‘Speech2Face’.




In a piece published this week, the team explains the method behind the AI, which used a deep network architecture, and was fed videos from YouTube and elsewhere, which brings us to this afternoon’s awkwardness.

With that being said, the researchers took to their GitHub page to caution use of their tech, acknowledging that their creation raises worrisome questions about privacy and discrimination.

“Although this is a purely academic investigation, we feel that it is important to explicitly discuss in the paper a set of ethical considerations due to the potential sensitivity of facial information,” they wrote, suggesting that “any further investigation or practical use of this technology will be carefully tested to ensure that the training data is representative of the intended user population.”

It’s a bit late to stuff this weird looking genie back in the bottle, isn’t it?



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