Anti-Wong, pro-sexbot Anning Party member honoured by the Queen

To prove that the times of nonsense and division are not beyond us, an Anning Party candidate of questionable motivations has been recognised by the Queen.



To many, the recent federal election was viewed as the great overdue purging of undesirables. Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten, The Australian Labor Party; all were cast into the pit by the knowing hands of democracy. Another to find the exit was Australia’s premier nazi-referencing-egg-wearing dingbat Fraser Anning. While he’s very much gone, the nonsense of his party lives on, as a candidate of Anning’s far-right collective was honoured as part of the Queen’s birthday list. He’s already earned the Order of Australia, citing his “significant service to international education”.

So far, so normal.

Now, I’ve not double checked, but I’m fairly certain that Professor Adrian Cheok sits in elite company, as he’s probably the only Order of Australia recipient who extols the benefits of doing the ‘do with robots while proudly representing as a Twitter troll; as he’s tied Penny Wong to a Charlie Sheen vehicle and questioned the humanity of someone wearing a burqa.



Cheok fell into Anning’s company after courting the Palmer United Party, but he soon left Clive’s house after he was asked to “dumb down” his policies.

In conversation with News Corp in 2016, Cheok said that “…it’s going to be so much easier, so much more convenient to have sex with a robot. You can have exactly what kind of sex you want. That’s going to be the future…actual sex with humans may be like going to a concert. When you’re at home you can listen to Beethoven’s ninth symphony, it’s good enough and once or twice a year you’ll want to go the Royal Albert Hall and hear it in a concert hall.”

While Cheok’s election platform did not promise to put a sex robot in every Australian’s loungeroom, he did promise to offer working Australians a job. Whether that took the form of head, or hand, remains to be seen. Nevertheless, Cheok managed to win 0.8% of the South Australia seat of Boothby in May’s federal election.

The question, of course, is whether we should be so quick to judge. Clearly, in this country, one can do great things for education, whilst advocating for robo-hookers and spouting good ol’ fashioned internet discrimination. Seems to fit.

It’s either that, or it’s the endorsement the Australian Republic Movement has been looking for.



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