The Warriors cried over Durant’s injury – Twitter disagrees

The confirmation of Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury took the form of an emotional press conference. However, the internet isn’t buying the tears.



Earlier today, the Warriors were able to able to force the NBA Finals into a sixth game, edging the Raptors by the slimmest of margins. However, the post-mortem conversation swirls around what happened in second quarter, when Kevin Durant hobbled backstage after re-injuring the same leg that ruled him out for the majority of the finals.



Now, as NBA fans, we tend to get carried away. This is especially the case in Toronto, as the crowd (perhaps enabled by the behaviour of local douchecanoe Drake) sarcastically farewelled Durant from the court. Yes, I understand, snakes don’t have achilles, and we all want the Warriors to lose, but we need to chill.

However, it goes both ways, as the President of the Warriors’ Basketball operations, Bob Myers, could take a lesson in reality, as he fronted the media, barely seeing through the veil of tears he knitted, sadly confirming that Kevin’s Achilles was not in a good place.



Now, I don’t want to step to the level of Twitter discourse (although, the doctors of Twitter were correct in their professional opinion that Durant shouldn’t have travelled to Toronto), but many are claiming that the tears of Myers are of the crocodile variety. Now, I’m not entirely sure that is true, but this amount of drama over an injury seems a bit much. “I’m lucky to know him” is a statement you offer at a funeral. Those who have kids know that tears often mask responsiblity being taken.

Questions must surely be asked of the organisation for rushing Durant back from his injury, one that sidelined him for a month, when (according to Doctor Twitter), the usual period of inaction is two.

An achilles injury is a rather serious, but is it this serious? This is diversion upon diversion. We’ll know more after Durant’s MRI tomorrow, but questions must loudly be asked regarding who cleared him, and who granted him such heavy minutes. The tears of Myers is a distraction, one that may be motivated by the cut onions of the Warriors. As one member of the Twitterati espoused, “he has the sniffles, but I don’t see tears.”

Prayers obviously up for Durant, but questions need to be angrily raised by the assembled media. We may have been hoodwinked, bamboozled and lead astray by an executive.

Stephen A, over to you.




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