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WSJ: Kim Jong-un’s murdered half-brother was a CIA informant

The assassinated half-brother of Kim Jong-un continues to live an interesting life after death, as the Wall Street Journal believes he was an informant for the CIA.



The story of Kim Jong Nam was already page-turner. The half-brother of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un had already been kicked out of that country’s dynastic rule (for the heinous crime of wanting to visit Tokyo Disneyworld) before he was publically assassinated at an airport in Kuala Lumpur, via the application of exotic poison on the face; an act motivated (at least in the words of the accused) as material for a hidden camera TV show. Malaysia reality television is crazy.

However, things have taken a turn for the absurd, as The Wall Street Journal believes that Kim was a secret informant for the CIA. According to a source approached by the WSJ, Kim had purportedly met the CIA on numerous occasions and was apparently en route to meet his handler at the time of his demise.

The same source believed that it was “almost certain” that he was in league with other intelligence agencies around the globe.

The CIA has declined to comment on the Wall Street Journal reports and Chinese officials did not respond to the newspaper’s request for comment.

The assassination is also an exercise in subjectivity, as the pair that did the act, Siti Aisyah, from Indonesia, and Doan Thi Huong, from Vietnam, maintain that they were duped into it. Huong was surprisingly released last month by Malaysian authorities, after initially receiving a rather light punishment of 40 months in prison. Aisyah also had the murder charge against her dropped.

Oh Ei Sun, a senior fellow with the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, said the decision not to charge the two women with murder likely marked the end of the case.

“This is pretty much the end as the real culprits are apparently hiding behind the veil of diplomatic immunity and state-sponsored sanctuary.”





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