Walmart’s customers are now kicking their in-store helper robots

While Walmart executives are congratulating themselves over bringing robots into their stores, their customers are telling a different story.



Walmart, America’s leader in the dehumanisation sector has long boasted about the robotic workers that they’ve wheeled out. It makes sense, from an executive standpoint, but the employees that the robots will one day replace, and for now are teaching them the ropes, all far less complimentary.

Some employees snitched to The Washington Post, telling the publication that they’re not entirely sure how to act around the robots, which apparently goes the same for customers. Which is a bit of a shocker, it is very much unlike the Americans to be suspicious and uneasy around the emergence of a new cheaper productive workforce.

Walmart has started using robots to unload trucks, scan shelves and clean floors. However, flesh and blood employees have to educate the bots and correct their errors — which is a duck that certainly quacks in a suspect manner. They’re training their replacements, man!

“The monotony in the store has increased a ton since we’ve gotten these robots,” Walmart employee Evan Tanner told WaPo. “It’s insane.”

Just as a quick aside, customers have complained about the six-foot-high robots creeping up on them. Which, I mean, if you’re started by a massive, beeping rumbling thing, I don’t think the blame can be attached to the robots. As The Washington Post reports, many customers have taken to kicking the robots as they pass.

Which is certainly taking your life in your own hands. Not now, but tomorrow. This tomorrow.




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