Brits sign Assange’s extradition order, courts to decide his fate

The only thing that will save Julian Assange is the British courts ignoring the extradition request their government has already signed.



The last of Julian Assange’s barriers between him and the United States has seemingly eroded with the British Home Secretary signing an extradition order to send him to the land of the free and the et cetera.

Earlier in the week, the US formally requested that the Brits extradite Assange, and now the question of whether the WikiLeaks founder will touch American soil.

While the matter is now one for the courts to decide, Mr Javid, the British Home Secretary said that “we’ve got a legitimate extradition request, so I’ve signed it…I want to see justice done at all times.”

Javid signing the paper ostensibly means that as far as the UK government is concerned, the Americans can have him.

With that being said, Assange’s legal counsel told the ABC that is was a mere formality, an entree to the extradition banquet proper. Assange is set to face court tomorrow. He has long claimed the charges against him (especially the sexual assault charges in Sweden) were a ploy to get him turned over to the Americans.

Whether that is true or not, will be immaterial when the gavel falls tomorrow.



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