Brazil classifies homophobia as a crime, irking their “proudly homophobic” president

Despite their president aligning himself as a “proud homophobe”, the Brazilian Supreme Court has uniformly criminalised homophobia.



According to the Brazilian Supreme Court, homophobia is set to be classified the same as racism under their laws, thereby making it a criminal act.

“Sexual orientation and gender identity are essential to human beings, to the self-determination to decide their own life and seek happiness,” Justice Gilmar Mendes said, according to the court’s Twitter account.

This flies in the rhetoric of their elected right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, who has previously called himself a “proud homophobe.”

After the ruling, Bolsonaro strongly criticized the move, suggesting that it might be time to appoint the openly religious to the Supreme court.

Bolsonaro was elected by the socially conservative and the religious (especially Evangelical Christians) after he promised to walk back the established rights for same-sex couples.

Brazil’s president has a long history of homophobic (and other) comments before he took office, famously stating that he’d rather have a dead son than a gay one, hoping that he’d “prefer that he die in an accident.”

The vote was passed by a margin of 8-3.


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