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Despite lobbying for an anti-vaccine centric bill, Jessica Biel is apparently not down with the movement. However, those who have already joined, are linked by one very important aspect.



This morning, it seems that Jessica Biel has crossed over to the side of nonsense, outing herself a convert of the anti-vaccine movement. This is despite her saying that she’s not on board with the movement proper, she just had her photo taken with noted vaccine ally, while protesting a California law that looks to tighten medical exemptions for vaccines.



If Biel finishes the rest of the kool-aid she’s currently sipping, she’ll join Jim Carrey, Jenna McCartney, Robert DeNiro, Alicia Silverstone and Danny Masterson in listicles noting the most notable people who have done their research*.

However, there is a factor that links all of the above, and I fear it has little to do with the purported risk of autism birthed in those who safeguard themselves from disease, and everything to do with the telephone not ringing. For my money, the celebrity arm of the anti-vaccine movement is the last bastion of the unpopular. In the good old days of dying careers, one would flog peas or cameo in ill-thought-out Adam Sandler “comedies”. As Sunset Boulevard’s Norma Desmond taught us, one must always be ready for that next close-up, even if you spent the last decade banging ill-thought out passion projects.

The problem with the old way, is that critics still exist. In fact, they’re emboldened by the attempt. To use the Pacino example, even the most die-hard Sandlerites clearly questioned why Michael Corleone wanted to fuck Happy Gilmore in drag. There wasn’t much support for Al’s choice, even if he was satirising himself. Or something.

Despite the blanket of wokeness it has draped itself in, Hollywood remains a town that runs on the subjectivity (and power) of ego.

The same could be said for Bobby DeNiro. For someone to climb atop those massive letters on the hill and piss on everyone below, playing second fiddle to Ben Stiller would be a particularly bitter pill to swallow. Clearly, one can’t keep being a Focker, so Bobby is looking for a new audience.



The fact that he’s oscillated between for and against just the legendary DeNiro character development of old. He creates three-dimensional characters. After all, he once drove a cab in New York to prepare for Taxi Driver, he insisted on getting Al Capone’s original tailor in The Untouchables, and he drove Terry Gilliam insane with his need for a complete backstory for his minor character in Brazil. The vaccinated DeNiro is just his latest researched masterpiece, ironically, by ignoring actual research.

It’s classic Bobby.

The anti-vaccine movement is systemic of the confirmation bias that moves us all. In the age of information, we have the luxury of finding someone we agree with. But, for those who define themselves by the response of another, that movement has a particularly romantic pull. Much like the scripts they’re used to reading, this movement is too based on fiction, and seldom do they question the source material. The critics still exist, mind, but the base community has grown, and the support will remain regardless, because “medically administered autism” is a hell of a villain to fight.

I’m unsure if they truly believe in it, and they’re welcome to believe what they like, but as actors, they professionally lie for a living. While the roles might have dried up, (or at least, not at the standard they used to be), the washed-up entertainer currying to a uniformly hated movement to desperately remain in the public eye is a hell of a part to play.



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