According to numerous internet sources, the amount of coffee one can drink before it kills you, varies greatly.



Dosing oneself with caffeine is a daily pursuit. The question of how much is a matter long debated by clickbait. According to the British, 70 is a lethal amount (which represents a clip of three an hour), whereas the Americans figure it closer to thirty.

Despite this, Vox estimates that “according to a review of the medical literature, there were only 45 caffeine-related deaths reported between 1959 and 2010. A more recent (2017) study (by Sweden’s Jones) found 51 — but also incredibly high levels of caffeine in the blood of the victims.”

So, while a relative few have jittered loose the mortal coil via application of Nescafe, one tends to wonder how close the boldest of us have come to meeting our (coffee) maker.

Well, according to yet more study on the subject, 25 cups of coffee a day was just fine for your health. Further to that point, a related story went on to say that drinking over two dozen cups a day had the same effect on your arteries as just one.

But, as usual, perhaps we should quietly call bulltwang.

In this study, researchers divided over 8,500 participants into three groups: those who drank one cup of coffee a day, those who drank three or fewer cups per day, and those who drank more than three cups a day. The average self-reported coffee consumption in the group of highest coffee drinkers was five cups a day. With that being said, only two people reported being part of the click-baited 25 cup-per-day category.

With that being said, research back in May determined that six cups of coffee was the upper limit for safe consumption, figuring that people who drank more than that had a 22 per cent increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

We’re seeing a lot of figures, and data cast about. However, while the bulk of these studies are American, we can deposit them down the nearest sink, as our American cousins know nothing of coffee culture. What we need is a local study, one adjusted for Australian tastes.

Frankly, I want to meet the kind of nervous high roller who is dropping $110 a day on coffee.





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