Former UEFA president arrested over awarding world cup to Qatar

Michel Platini, the ex-president of European football has been arrested by corruption investigators over Qatar’s winning bid to host the 2022 World Cup. 



Former president of UEFA (and ex-captain of France) Michel Platini has been arrested over his part in awarding the 2022 FIFA World Cup to Qatar.

Platini was previously the head of European football’s governing body prior to him being banned from football back in 2015. While Platini has always maintained his innocence, officials have been investigating potential instances of corruption connected to the awarding of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, with the latter awarded to Qatar, one that many have suspected of being anything but legitimate. Two years ago, the same investigated Sepp Blatter, who, like Platini, is now banned for life over unrelated cash payments.

Qatar beat out the United States, Australia and a joint South Korea-Japan joint bid, and despite the unison complaint, FIFA cleared Qatar’s bid following a two-year internal investigation, one that satisfied no-one, as it very much seems like letting the fox investigate the chicken coop.

On a local note, Australian football benefactor Frank Lowy launched his own corruption probe in 2018. Whether this prods FIFA into taking the World Cup off Qatar seems unlikely, but you’d have to imagine a reliance on the same selection system, one elastic enough to be open for bribery, seems equally unlikely.

This is FIFA we’re speaking about, so any promises of corruption being stamped out, or new leaves being turned should be met with a titanic amount of salt.



More to come.


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