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This is how you peel garlic like that viral video

A whole new way to peel garlic blew up social media yesterday, and after much studying, I believe I’ve cracked the methodology behind it.



Our relationship with Garlic, the grand old zesty beau of our pantry, largely depends on the accuracy of our fingering. Simply put, we love it, but it doesn’t always love us back. This week, a new way to declove our love hit social media, as one Torontonian was able to nimbly (and perfectly) draw the fun zone out with envious ease.



Now, while I tried it, I must say that I failed. After all, thirty seconds of expertise a beginner lesson does not make. After repeated viewings, I believe I’ve cracked the code. It’s a simple push-and-twist, with a twist. Here’s how you do it.

  1. The stab needs to be made in corner of the clove, where the curved outer part touches the other cloves.
  2. Make a pair of sharp twists with the blade. The first to free the clove from the stem, the second to remove it from the covering. In the video, the turn moves in the same direction.
  3. However, the most important part of the technique is the position of the index finger of your blade hand. It must always remain on the opposite side of the clove you are stabbing, as it stops it from disintegrating. See below:



It’s a trifle tricky to get used to, but soon thereafter, I was able to pop it like it twas hot.


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