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As a Knicks fan, we deserved the nothing we got

So, the New York Knicks missed out on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Zion Williamson. But you know what? We deserve everything we get.



The New York Knicks are again the laughing stock of the league. Compounded with missing out on the Zion Williamson sweepstakes, our pursuit of our beau, Kevin Durant aka “the snake without an Achilles to tear” has left us in the rain, as he’s chosen Brooklyn as his rehab assignment, teaming up with Kyrie Irving. Clearly, they should have been ours.

Our most notable talking head, Stephen A. Smith has combusted, claming that we’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled and -insert superlative here- regarding the news that James Dolan didn’t want to meet Durant’s demands on the basis that he may be damaged goods.



So, this morning, Knicks fans are again wondering, what went awry.

Well, as John Cleese once said, “you can stand the despair; it’s the hope that kills you”. I believe it goes further than that. It’s a franchise powered by entitlement, dysfunction and delusion. In the last twelve months alone, despite the change in management, we’ve seen the same behaviour take hold. Our owner publically squabbling with one of our greatest, Charles Oakley. We ran our original unicorn, Kristaps Porzingis out of town, with the fans and the organisation treating him as they would an ex, in that it was their fault that they left, not ours.

We’re the fanbase that mostly booed Porzingis on draft night. We did the same to Danilo Gallinari in 2008, which served as my introduction to the depth of the Knick’s fans hubris, illuminating the “tradition” we possessed, in that we wilfully boo players we don’t like the look of. This is prior to them shooting basket one. We’ve long stroked ourselves on the fact that the stars of this league want to play in front of us, stating the sheer volume of us, we, the so-called “big market team” is the primary selling point. It speaks long to our delusion and the love we possess for ourselves. Even when it was rumoured that Durant and Irving were favouring Brooklyn over New York, it was met by a uniform scoff from we fans, with the central question being “why would you choose Brooklyn over New York?”, clearly, the opposite is true. Why would Durant choose a toxic culture of management and fandom, subjecting himself to the same people who castigated his move to Golden State the year previous on a daily basis?

Jared Dudley, the antiquated Nets swingman, apparently pitched Durant, highlighting that he’d be able to “live” in Brooklyn, far beyond the insanity of the Gotham over the bridge.

On a personal level, it makes complete sense. Why would you subject yourself to the insanity of the Knicks? The problem, of course, is us. Not them. We treat people like garbage, and we wonder why they leave. Before we ran Porzingis out of town, it was Carmelo Anthony, a player we foolishly gut the team to get, and the same person we blamed when he couldn’t drag us to a championship. Now, we can get rid of Dolan as we did Phil Jackson, but we’re not solving the root problem.

This morning, we’ve had to settle for Julius Randle (3 years, $20 million a year) and Thib’s own Taj Gibson. Now, the chasm between our expectations and reality is indeed a cavernous one, but it’s a valley we’ve dug. Schadenfreude is not a pass-first prospect from Germany, it’s a lifestyle. We’re the loudmouth bratty kid in the playground, pushing others over, wondering why we don’t have any friends. The karmic worm will never turn for us, as we’ve done nothing to change ourselves to earn it.

We’re a partisan mas of inverted King Midases, everything we touch turns to shit, and we remain proud of it. Run while you still can, RJ.




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