Why Ben from MaxMyProfits is giving away a $17,000 business coaching program

Ben from MaxMyProfits knows the value of the right coaching program. He also knows that only a willingness to change will see your business move forward.



What excites you about running this business coaching package?

Being able to offer a business coaching package to a person who is unable to afford business coaching, or who has previously thought about business coaching but is too sceptical or worried to take the plunge. This means that these people are now able to experience the benefits of working one-on-one with a business coach and learn how having somebody work with them can help them grow their business.


What are the questions you wish business owners would ask before engaging any business coach?

Before engaging a business coach, it’s important that the business owners ask themselves if they are coachable and willing to change. It’s easy for a business owner to make an assumption that a business coach is going to fix everything for them. Business coaches typically won’t do the work. They’ll coach you to do the work. They’ll help you discover where your weaknesses and strengths are and understand what areas of the business need improvement to be able to get the result that you want.

The second question they should ask is, “Do I need results fast?” Because if you’re coming into this to change something quickly, there’s a real risk that won’t happen and you’ll be disappointed. I see a lot of business owners that come into business coaching when it’s a little bit too late, and the cash flow is very tight. Their profitability is low or minimal. Maybe they’re even in a loss phase or their mindset is not right. They are struggling to keep their team motivated, struggling to keep themselves motivated, and hoping that business coach will pull them out of a really sticky situation.

The third question they should ask before engaging in any business coaching is why are they doing it. It’s really important to be clear. “Will power” is great for discipline. “Why power” is great for longevity, for tenaciousness and for consistency. “Why power” is what makes people do things.

So before you engage a business coach, be really clear about why you are getting a coach.

  • Is it for business growth?
  • Is it to have a sounding board or mentor?
  • Is it because you want some help with technical details in your business?
  • Is it because you have a weakness that you’ve identified?

For example, maybe you’re weak in certain areas of your business. It could be leadership or marketing or maybe even financials. You may then seek a business coach that has strengths in those areas. But be clear on why.


What can the winning business owner expect to get out of this package, should they win?

The winner of this package will get a 12-month one-on-one coaching programme with a Business Excelerator® from MaxMyProfit. This one-on-one coaching package includes monthly coaching.

They also get access to over 700 resources on the Business Exceleration® hub, which is an online resource hub that members get access to 24/7. On this hub, resources include tools, templates, checklists, guides, worksheets, things to help calculate cash flow forecasts, budgets and much more. We also have training modules and an e-learning platform that business owners can use for themselves to train their team.

In addition to that, they get access to an online community where they can network with like-minded entrepreneurs that are on the same growth path, growing their business, giving them the ability to bounce ideas off and learn from others that have been already going down this path.

They will also get to attend our Quarterly Business Exceleration® Conference. This is a full day conference where business owners get the opportunity to work on their business rather than in their business. They get the chance to spend a day out and discover what key strategies they’re going to work on and formulate for their next 90-day plan. It is also an opportunity to network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

In addition to that, they’ll get access to over 20 of our trusted partners. These are handpicked experts. Everything from HR to digital marketing, legal, financial, systems, recruitment and much, much more.


And finally, what is one piece of advice you have for Australian business owners now that we are in the new financial year?

My main piece of advice would be that if nothing changes, nothing changes. So, if you’ve got to the end of the last financial year and your results were mediocre at best, or disappointing, then to make sure that you’ve got better results next year is going to take some change. Clearly, what you’re currently doing is not working and not giving you the desired results.

You’ll need to spend some time working on planning and strategically mapping out exactly how to go about achieving the results. I would also give you the advice of getting yourself a coach or mentor. Nothing great was ever achieved alone, and if you look at the greatest athletes, business people, politicians, musicians, actors; they all have great coaches and mentors. Being a great business owner should mean no different.

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