Alabama will not pursue manslaughter charges against a victim of a shooting who lost a foetus because of it, but considering the laws still on the books, sanity has not prevailed.



Last week, we learned the name Marshae Jones, the Alabama woman who was shot in the stomach, ultimately losing the foetus she was carrying, one who was later charged with manslaughter, for…the crime of being shot?

An Alabama grand jury concluded that Jones intentionally caused the death by getting into a fight, and was therefore culpable, a decision that rolled the eyes of many.



The case has since been thrown out, as local DA Lynneice Washington said that she would not be taking it further, noting the “flawed and twisted rationale” behind punishing Jones for the crime, and pursuing it would “not be in the best interest for justice”.

Well, duh.

I’d say that sanity has prevailed, but considering the laws on the books in Alabama, it seems like a near-miss. The Heart of Dixie is one of the dozens of US states that have foetal homicide laws in place, allowing criminal charges to be enacted when foetuses are killed in acts of violence, as well as their hardline anti-abortion platform, one that punishes abortion at any stage with up to 99 years in the Folsom pen for anyone who offers the service. That law cares not if the pregnancy was because of an act of rape or incest.

What the fuck, Alabama.



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