The World Nomads Podcast is not your usual podcast. This week, we feature the project bringing citizens of opposing countries together through the medium of food and greater understanding.



In this episode of the World Nomads Podcast, Eric Maddox explains how he is breaking down cultural barriers by hosting virtual dinner parties with guests from countries in conflict, to meet, and tear down.

As Eric explains, “…the Virtual Dinner Guest Project is facilitating a global shift in the way people relate to news media. Where many of us have grown accustomed to seeing news as a commodity to be consumed, we aim to create a global network of local producers, committed to sharing their communities through open dialogue and film.”


Guests connect with the Native American community in a virtual dinner held in Gaza.





The World Nomads Podcast is not your usual podcast. It’s everything for the adventurous, independent traveller.

The Big Smoke will be publishing new episodes each Friday.

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