Anti-vaccer demands new car have brakes removed

Having done their research, one anti-vaccine supporter very politely asked her mechanic to remove the brakes from her car. 



Local anti-vaccine cult member Heather Murray recently attempted to purchase a new Honda Civic at her local dealership. The one stipulation: the car had to have the brakes removed.

When the dealership refused the request, Murray launched into an anti-brake tirade and threatened to sue Honda and try to get their Facebook page banned as well.

“I have seen and heard about so many car accidents over the years and guess what they all have in common? The cars all had brakes,” explained Murray. “The Big Carma shills will tell you it’s just a correlation and not causation (their favourite thing to say) but those of us who are awake and have done our research know the truth.”

Family and friends were quick to defend Murray, stating they know she wouldn’t make a decision like this without doing her proper research.

“I know Heather and I know she probably watched hours of YouTube videos and read tons of blog posts before making this decision,” said friend Marsha McClelland. “She has probably done more research than most mechanics.”

As of press time, the situation was yet to be resolved and Murray has reportedly taken the brakes off of her current family car.


This article was first published in The Science Post and is reprinted with permission.



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