Great marketers only have two targets, and they are both completely intertwined. The first is to create an ‘emotional connection’ between the customer and the brand to generate loyalty and trust.



The second goal is to sell more products or services. So, if you want customers to engage at a deeper level with your video content to ultimately grow sales, these two objectives should always be kept in mind.

Prices and value propositions are not the only selling points; customers also buy based on the emotional connection they have to a brand. Visual marketing is the most effective way to build this connection. Below, we have laid out the tips in creating a powerful video campaign to build this emotional equity and put you top-of-mind when your customers are ready to purchase:

1. Admit it’s a video world

Video content is being watched now than ever before. In fact, YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world with the majority of online activity these days attributed of video watching.

Studies have shown that 81% of businesses use video nowadays as a marketing tool, and in the B2B world, 96% of businesses use video in their marketing campaigns.

2. No need to break the bank

Technology today allows for even the biggest brands to use simple production set-ups, small-scale scripts, animation, user-generated content, and video editing apps to create quality content in a short space of time. Doing it this way ensures that there is a quick turnaround project time, reduce complexities of production and reduced expenses, paving the way for scalability.

3. Keep it real

A dull corporate video with voiceovers and trying to be all ‘prim and proper’ is the last thing viewers want today.

Be authentic: use real people with inspiring and fun stories people want to watch and share. Earn the trust of viewers through compelling content and storytelling whilst keeping in mind the five key pillars of great marketing messaging: inspire, entertain, inform, educate and brand promotion.

4. Content doesn’t work in silos

Integrate your video content into a wider content marketing and social media strategy for the goal of generating ROI. Avoid the mistake of spending thousands of dollars creating a compelling, engaging video and then letting it live on a boring internal webpage somewhere.

Repurpose all over the internet as required to help boost awareness and key messaging of your brand. Smart brands today are utilising YouTube and other video seeding and distribution channels to increase their reach to their target audience to give the right message to the right person at the right time. Allocate a specific budget to each video or each campaign, set the campaign up correctly and away you go. This paid performance marketing channel can be used instead of buying TV to increase and thus grow your ‘new customers’ into your sales funnel.

5. Content marketing or ad?

Create a winning video for marketing and leverage the channel to the maximum by including regular videos giving a real and tangible solution to customer problems in an inspirational and entertaining way. Keep in mind that there needs to be some high-level thinking and strategy up front to develop a robust plan as to what stories will be brought to life, when will these videos be rolled out, and which ones need to be boosted as paid ads. More importantly, consider how this creates a complete interlocking system of love to the customer and new leads, data and sales to the business.

6. User-generated content (UGC) is the holy grail

According to the data, a whopping 87% of consumers trust reviews and recommendations from family and friends who received a free brand experience, and 71% trust bloggers, vloggers or social media stars who have received the same treatment. Furthermore, customer reviews are trusted 12x more than marketing coming directly from a brand or organisation.

Leverage the user-generated content in your organisation by creating a captivating UGC campaign to boost organic word-of-mouth across your social media channels. One quick and simple campaign idea: create a giveaway promotion, ask your community a question and ask them to post the answer with a photo, and tag a person to enter the promo – then select the winners and promote them across your channels.

7. Business ‘buy-in’ is fundamental to success

The process in creating quality content marketing deliverables is important to understand to get the buy in you need from the key stakeholders of the business. Without it you will never

be able to get the good stuff done. So here are the six phases of activity that you, your team or creative partners need to manage:

1. Marketing Strategy, which eventually leads to a content strategy;

2. Creative ideation;

3. The Shoot & the Production;

4. Project management;

5. Stakeholder approval; and

6. Video and campaign implementation (what to do with the videos once complete)

Create a plan and then involve the right people from the outset. A smart video marketing campaign simply does not happen by accident!

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