In light of new reports into the ‘hidden homeless’ which revealed the scale of just how few homeless individuals are ‘sleeping rough.


Maybe it’s time the public housing system developed a new approach to preventing rather than curing the ever increasing amount of citizens becoming homeless. One of the largest growing demographic portions of homelessness (currently sitting at 51%  in Victoria) are those that have found themselves without secure housing, largely due to housing stress when lower income earners spend more than 30% of their income on housing costs. Governments at a state and territory level are under immense pressure to decrease the burden of those needing affordable housing options, but what if there was intervention at the earliest stages of housing stress that took the pressure off these services and allowed for productive sharing of space to benefit all parties?


The Room Xchange can offer this service by providing an exit point prior to reaching the point of becoming homeless, by offering an affordable form of house sharing that ensures all participants will be in a safe and secure environment that allows an individual to stop the descent towards becoming homeless. Clearly identified within academic reports, homelessness can be prevented but the most important factor in its prevention is ensuring intervention at the earliest stage possible. Though this could be perceived as when a person loses their job or tenancy it is in fact much earlier, when they start showing signs of housing stress or other early indicators.


It’s estimated there is a shortage of up to 800,000 affordable homes within the rental market but how many homes are unoccupied and how many houses have empty rooms? This platform isn’t able to pull people off the street as by that point they are likely to need an entire network of professional assistance. At The Room Xchange, the exit point can be offered early to help prevent individuals getting entrenched in the cycle of homelessness.

If you find yourself in need of affordable housing, find out more about becoming a guest.

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