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Noely Neate is a blogger based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, asking questions and trying to make the world a tad fairer, one rant at a time. When not online she runs a regional community portal.

An open letter to the left voters who look to “educate” me

In their efforts to oust the Coalition, the left voters have adopted a holier than thou attitude. Leave your questions at the door.



This is pretty much an open letter to Labor and Greens Supporters.

I know an election is coming soon, pretty much everyone can feel it in the air and thing are starting to get tense. To be honest, it is getting really bloody sad.

Politics matters, it is important, it is complicated and to be frank, no one party, MP or senator is perfect.

Yet for some reason, the closer we get to an election, the more defensive political team supporters are getting and it is beyond stupid.

To use a label (which I hate), I consider myself “progressive”. I prefer to think of it as being a decent human being, but, whatever. In the interests of full transparency, I don’t belong to a political party. In fact, the only political party I have ever belonged to was the Australian Democrats, way way back in the “Keep the Bastards Honest” day.

What I don’t get is how myself and others like me will get abused or chewed out on Twitter if we dare raise an issue we are concerned about, or if we query Greens/ALP policy or actions.

Yes, I want the Coalition out of Government too. I despise the Civil Liberties being destroyed by them. The Centrelink phishing scheme is literally destroying people. The National Security laws are grinding citizens into the ground. The blatant shuffling of taxpayer funds into the grubby hands of business mates is literally taking food out of people’s mouths.

So I get it, I honestly do get why those on the other side of the fence are so desperate to get rid of the Government and get their team into power.

I really do.

Hell, you guys might be desperate to kick out the Government but not desperate enough it seems to let bygones be bygones and actively work together – as in Greens and Labor – to do a “Coalition” as such to beat off the Liberal-Nationals Government, because principles.

For the record… I will most likely vote ALP at the next Federal election unless a particularly good Independent puts their hand up. But that does not mean I am suddenly part of the Borg and will nod along to every single thing the ALP or Greens do. Let me be plain. The ALP are far from perfect.

  • I despise the ALP playing dead when it comes to odious National Security legislation and not protecting Australian citizens from our very own Government;
  • I despise the silence from the ALP in regard to charging Witness K and his lawyer Bernard Collaery over Timor-Leste spying;
  • I despise the ALP not coming up with alternatives to offshore detention;
  • I despise the waffling about an inquiry if ALP form Government in relation to those currently under the poverty line on Newstart;
  • I despise the Greens thinking Asylum Seekers and Adani are the only two issues of importance in this nation;
  • Most of all, I despise that you both play silly buggers all the time in the Senate and on the ground with elections. Be adult.

I really like a lot of ALP and Greens members. For that matter, I have a lot of Liberal and National party members as friends too.

But let me be perfectly clear.

I am a person in my own right. With my own thoughts, opinions, and hopes. I might be a daggy middle-aged bird in the regions, but I’m not a stupid woman. I will continue to express those opinions and hopes or call out rubbish as long as I can. Well, that is until this government makes dissent illegal, which is coming soon.

Which begs the question, what is the point? What are you people fighting hard for, if you yourself are also trying to shut down dissent?

I’m not a member of your team. I don’t have blind faith that insert policy here will be reversed should your team get into power. I happen to like history and believe me, I have seen and heard that in the past, it more than likely never happens.

There are legions of people like me. Think about that next time you might decide to jump on a comment you think is trashing your team or one of your team players.

We all have certain so-called red-line issues that can’t be crossed. It is called being human beings. It doesn’t mean when those issues are raised your “team” is being trashed. For all you know, the person raising the issues could be onboard with your team come crunch time.

Do you really want to back that person into a corner where they decide to donkey vote out of spite?

I honestly have great appreciation and respect for those who have stood by their party through thick and then, who honestly believe their hard work will make this nation a better place. I’ve been to the fundraising BBQs, I’ve seen the thousands of hours door-knocking or standing in the sun, day after day at polling booths. I honestly do admire you.

But stop alienating those who have problems with aspects of your team’s policy. By trying to shut them down, ridicule them, abuse them, you are just becoming the odious and arrogant entity that you yourself despise and wish to be rid of.

It is not a smart play.

I will always back good policy. But political parties are made up of humans, and humans can be pretty shitty. Your party is not perfect and never will be. Neither am I. I’m just a punter and will continue to ask questions, raise issues, and get shitty when I see it forced upon us. Respect that.


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