Spoiler alert: Google’s search algorithm is ruining everything

Google finishing your sentence is a mainstay of the internet age. However, many are now asking them to be mindful of accidental spoilers when we’re using their website. 



Google finishing your sentence is either a bit of harmless fun or a soul-crushing bout of losing all hope in your fellow man.



However, the problematic algorithm has now crossed into far murkier realms, ruining movies for us. Per Futurism, “…critics have periodically pointed out specific spoilers in YouTube’s autocomplete, as well as the autocomplete for Google search, but the problem appears to be more widespread than previously reported: YouTube autocompletes for “Han Solo,” “Anakin,” “Mufasa,” “Snape,” and “Cersei” all give away crucial plot twists from “Star Wars,” “The Lion King,” “Harry Potter,” and “Game of Thrones.””

“The platforms have become very good at issuing PR statements about proposed changes that don’t ultimately have much effect,” Stanford researcher Rebecca Lewis wrote of Twitter’s vow to stamp out extremism. “Any change in the right direction is good, but the platforms keep making promises they don’t ultimately keep.”

YouTube has the same problem, but it’d require a certain subset of employees, spoiler hunters if you will. Ostensibly, these folks will have to moderate (and decide what qualifies as) spoilers in the universe of curious data.

It could happen. Besides, ‘spoiler moderator’ is a hell of a feather in your cap. Late-stage capitalism, woo.

As for where Google stands on this issue, they decided not to respond to our emails.


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