Woman goes to extreme lengths to ensure boyfriend does food shopping, internet chimes in

One woman shared the lengths she went to help her partner do the food shopping. She classified it as “cute”, the internet begged to differ.



This week, the internet has offered us a glimpse into someone else’s relationship, and in turn, presents yet another opportunity to discuss the division of labour.

As opined by this New Yorker cartoon, we men, for the most part, do comparatively little and expect to be congratulated as we’ve done everything. Whether it’s individually true or not is irrelevant, as there’s enough of us doing it, or have done it, to solidify the blanket statement. Accept it. I have.



This week, the conversation swirls around a shopping list. According to Metro, “Rara, from South Africa, tweeted grabs of a WhatsApp conversation with her partner who was in charge of the food shopping and wrote: ‘He struggles so much with grocery shopping, so pictures have to accompany the list or it’ll just be a mess. Cutest thing.'”

On the list were pictures of each item, pasta, tinned tomatoes and condiments. Rara, apparently, also handily explained the difference between a grape and a grapefruit. As social media tends to do, they’ve weighed in, with the responses varying between “Why is being an incompetent man-child suddenly cute?”, “Why are men just…allowed to be this clueless?” and another suggested that the woman was “mothering” him by doing so.

One even suggested that Rara’s bae was taking a dive, in being wilfully rubbish, so she never asks him to do it again. All of those things may be true. For those interested in the hard data, one marketing firm released the statistics trussed up with the trite bomb, “men are from Reddit, women are from Pinterest”. Lord.

Somehow, I don’t think more gendered stereotyping is going to solve the issue. I think it might be time for us to quietly do more, and not draw attention to it.

But that’s my opinion, what do you think? Did she go too far, or was she pushed into this behaviour?


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