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Centrelink employs psychic mediums to chase debts beyond the grave

After Centrelink pursued the debt of a dead person, they’ve since decided to hire psychic mediums to chase outstanding debts beyond the grave.



Following the news that Centrelink pursued a $6,000 debt from the family of a Bruce McCardel, a deceased welfare recipient; the Department of Human Services has taken the plan further, as they’ve employed psychic mediums to pursue outstanding debts beyond the grave.




Understandably, the plan has received some criticism, prompting a hastily-organised press conference.

“Not only are we endeavouring to recover taxpayer money from these layabouts, we’re also lowering unemployment by creating work for those who contact the dead on our behalf,” the spokesperson said.

One of the mediums, Obsidian Blackbird McNight, illustrated the flaws in the plan. “I received two letters, one that told me I had accrued a robodebt; and another that said I could work off the debt in this new program…what they didn’t tell me, if that I’d have to relocate in order to do the job, as the call centre is located on the banks of the River Styx,” he said.

The Morrison government quickly supported the scheme, with the Prime Minister promising to “get the unemployed dead off benefits, and back into gainful employment.”

Labor has since offered their full support of the scheme.



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