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Caitlin Johnstone is a Melbourne-based journalist who specialises in American politics, finance and foreign affairs. You can find her on Twitter at @caitoz Her website at Or on Patreon at Her new book ' Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers' is now available on Amazon at:

Why presidential hopeful Marianne “love warrior” Williamson is worth watching

Presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson is something different. She’s either a truth-bomb dropping hippy with a message of love or a “left-wing Trump”. Maybe both.




1. As mocked as she is, she’d still make a better president than almost any Democrat running.

2. She has the ability to capture America’s attention.

3. Her underlying premise is absolutely correct.

4. She’s crap on a number of issues.

5. The “anti-science” smear is bullshit.

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