That’s all yolks: Food-chain debuts chicken-less eggs

Things ain’t the same for vegans, as one Canadian restaurant chain has proudly implemented the use of chicken-free eggs.



Once upon a time, veganism was a lifestyle choice that was difficult to jump to. It’s why your average vegan tells you that you should be one. Not because it’s right (it is), but because it’s hard. However, in current year, your aspiring vegan can ostensibly keep their pre-choice diet, but substituting in the extreme quality range of imitation meats, replete with a meaty taste. This especially goes for the vegan with a thirst for greasy early morning snacks, as Burger King and Del Taco are already onboard the plant-based meat train.

Next up, is breakfast. Or, more accurately put, eggs that ne’er escaped from the bum of a chicken. According to CNBC story, a Canadian food chain called Tim Hortons is selling plant-based eggs in their restaurants, making it the first major chain to break theirs and sizzle chicken-less eggs.

How does it work?

The primary protein is the humble mung bean, with the company website claiming that they scramble up just like chicken eggs. The restaurant in question is set to use them in their omelettes


Next up, is breakfast. Or, more accurately put, eggs that ne’er escaped from the bum of a chicken. 


According to Futurism, this isn’t their first jaunt into plant-based meat. They wrote, “The company started selling sandwiches containing Beyond Meat’s imitation breakfast sausage in May. Then, in July it began offering customers two burgers made with Beyond Meat’s plant-based patties.”

While Tim Hortons vow to add more plant-based substitutes, a total revolution is at hand. However, it will be a soft one, one not scrambled with the fried yolks who cling to belief, but fluffy, and inclusive, as we turn the darker sides of our culinary dispersions over to the positives, the sunnier side up. Clearly, the hard-boiled folks at Tim Hortons are on the right track. But, as a good idea is a good idea, they should expect their menu to be poached, and not give their menu over easy.

I’m out of egg puns.

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