Soon after being told by a court to pay his workers, Clive Palmer has announced a new business venture, buying the Belfast dock that built the Titanic.



Fresh off promising to pay his workers $200 million (at the behest of the Queensland supreme court), Clive Palmer has his eyes on his next project, the dock where they built the Titanic.

With Harland and Wolff’s Belfast dock going into administration, if offers Clive the perfect place to build his oft-publicised Titantic II. “I could think of no better location”, Clive said to the assembled media. A representative of Harland and Wolff confirmed that the company received a $200 million bid yesterday, but did not disclose the name of the new owner.

When asked if he has the money to purchase the docks as well as adhering to the court order, Palmer refused to answer, stating that “a woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets,” but quickly promised jobs to any of his previous employees of Queensland Nickel, in order to “smooth things over”.







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