China introduces AI teachers to school students

With tens of millions of their students already relying on AI for their education, tech dorks in China want to take it a terrifying step further.



For anyone who has dragged themselves through our education system, has more than once assumed that the thing at the front of the class wasn’t human. Whether it be their droning, limp regurgitation of the syllabus or their exposed metallic hips; we had our suspicious, maybe they were robots, certainly artificial, or just maybe – not human.

Well, as time drags on, and my waist expands, hair thins and fatigue grows, it seems that my horrible future-paranoia has rolled off the production line, as our pals in China have decided to introduce AI teachers.

According to a recently published MIT Technology Review piece details how China is embracing AI as both a replacement and a supplement to human teachers.


There’s the fact that education is already something of a competitive sport in China, with students — and their parents — willing to try anything that might increase their test scores even slightly.


As it stands, tens of millions of Chinese students currently rely on some sort of AI to help them learn, per MIT Tech. According to the piece, algorithms already curate tutoring lessons as well as running surveillance systems that monitor classroom progress. Which sounds completely fine.

With 200 million students on the books in China, if early experiments go well, this could be the standard beyond Chinese borders.

See me after class, human.




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