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Celebrating manhood and drinking blood with the Maasai in Tanzania

The World Nomads Podcast is not your usual podcast. This week, they drink blood with the Maasai in Tanzania with Australian cinematographer Miles Rowland.



In this episode of the World Nomads Podcast, we travel to Tanzania with Miles Rowland, an award-winning cinematographer and director. In this episode, he takes us to an ancient Maasai coming of age ceremony and celebratory banquet where drinking blood is part of the ritual.

Some money quotes from the pod:

“The Maasai are very interesting because they’re a very old culture and been doing certain things in a certain way for a very, very long time.”

I suppose you’d come back from that and go, “Jeez, that’s intense.” But you have a respect for other people’s way of living. I wouldn’t go in there and start saying, “Oh, jeez, guys. Have you got any local anaesthetic? Is that knife sharp? Is it sterilised?”

“…the older boys, who had been through this, take a lot of pride in leading this chant and this celebration.”






The World Nomads Podcast is not your usual podcast. It’s everything for the adventurous, independent traveller.

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