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Back in 2017, Facebook mentioned that it was developing mind-reading technology. In 2019, they’ve supplied us with an update. Yay.



“To me, the brain is the one safe place for freedom of thought, of fantasies, and for dissent,” wrote a professor at Duke University who specialises in neuro-ethics, told MIT Technology Review. “We’re getting close to crossing the final frontier of privacy in the absence of any protection whatsoever.”

Which neatly leads me to the point. Back in 2017, Facebook mentioned it was working on an interface that would allow us to type by thinking the words. Last month, they explained that they’re not that far off.

“Imagine a world where all the knowledge, fun, and utility of today’s smartphones were instantly accessible and completely hands-free,” reads a Facebook blog post. “Where you could connect with others in a meaningful way, regardless of external distractions, geographic constraints, and even physical disabilities and limitations.”

In an article published in the journal Nature Communications, the researchers involved shared their latest progress on such a device.

Via electrodes surgically implanted directly on the surface of the brain — the researchers could figure out the answer with accuracy rates “as high as 61%” by looking at brain signals alone.


Obviously, there are problems, the invasiveness of planting electrodes into your brain is one.


The researchers claim that it “demonstrate(s) real-time decoding of speech in an interactive, conversational setting, which has important implications for patients who are unable to communicate.”

Obviously, there are problems, the invasiveness of planting electrodes into your brain is one.

However, Facebook believes that the above doesn’t pose a problem, believing it can create a less invasive (and less bulky) — interface.

Which is, you know. Just great.





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