This morning, breakfast television ran a piece that worried about the financial safety of Australians. Last week, they openly bashed “dole bludgers”. The pattern is obvious and subject to repeat.



I’m of the mind that we cast morning television into the largest bin we can find. This morning, Today ran a piece that outlined the findings of a new study, one that outlined the struggle of average Australia and their bills.



This, of course, flies in the face of last week’s narrative thread, in that those on welfare are “dole bludgers”, one that provoked a backlash and an empathetic apology from Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr. It’s worth mentioning that the apology was made at 5:43 am, clearly when all interested parties were present.

What we have is public relations masquerading as journalism, and apathy masquerading as empathy.

It’s barely worth getting angry over, as we’re clearly dealing with an entity that wants us to hit them, to feed off the backlash. Clearly, we’re witnessing the fake tan and oxford shirt equivalent of the duelling banjos scene in Deliverance, with both parties attempting to outdo each other in the scales of awful.

Don’t like Sunrise having an all-white panel discuss the forceful relocation of indigenous children?



Well, here’s Today and their nuanced take on the Uluru climbing ban from Pauline Hanson and Steve Price.



More to that point, both parties engaged in a bidding war to gain the favours (and the thoughts) of Pauline over breakfast, because ratings. Clearly, both parties are no longer pretending. They care not, and they understand even less.

Their arithmetic is simple: Find a turd of a headline, polish it, maybe add Hanson, apologise, start again.

Maybe it’s time we subtract them from our thinking.




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