Judges deny Pell’s appeal, will serve term in prison

Well, it’s official. George Pell’s appeal has been denied by the Victorian courts, thereby forcing him to serve the remainder of his term behind bars.



By a measure of two to one, the judges of Victoria’s Court of Appeal have rejected Cardinal George Pell’s appeal, thereby sentencing him to serve the remainder of his sentence behind bars.

Chief Justice Anne Ferguson and Justice Chris Maxwell dismissed the appeal, while Justice Mark Weinberg upheld the appeal.

In March, Pell was sentenced to six years in prison after being found guilty of five godawful sexual offences against two Melbourne choirboys. Chief Justice Ferguson commended the key witness, believing that: “This was a compelling witness, clearly not a liar, not a fantasist and was a witness of truth.”

According to the original ruling, Pell, 78, must serve a minimum term of three years and eight months. Many are speculating that the length of the sentence and his extended age may see him perish in prison.

While the deed is done, and the facts redoubled, the tearing down of George Pell is easy, as should be those who used their platform (and power) to defend him, Messrs. Abbott, Howard, Devine and Bolt. However, in the clash of opinion (and objective fact), thoughts must surely turn to the victims, as they’ve suffered another day of exposure, and indeed the past, to see justice reapplied.





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