G7 pledges $20m to save the Amazon, which is 20% of what Netflix paid to stream Friends

The leaders of the free world have promised action over the Amazon blaze, and have donated 0.000006% of their net wealth to save it.



This morning, Leonardo DiCaprio openly begged governments around the world to act over the apocalyptic blaze in the Amazon, saying that “the lungs of the Earth are vital to protecting (sic) us in the future”, which is a fair point. Also, the Amazon produces 20% of the total oxygen we breathe, more than half of the 10 million species of plants, animals and insects live in there and one-fifth of the world’s fresh water sits in the Amazon Basin.



However, Leo is a bit slow on the news, as the governments of the world have already pooled together their wealth, with the G7 nations pledging an immediate $20 million dollars to assist in extinguishing the blaze.



While the comparison should be made to the donations poured in after the Notre Dame fire ($1 billion-ish to the Vatican, which is worth $10-15 billion), that point has already been raised. So how about this. The seven countries represented at the G7 summit hold 58% of global wealth (approximately $317 trillion), which means they’re spending 0.000006% of their wealth to tackle this issue.

But, I get it. We can’t expect them to bankrupt the globe to save one rainforest. How about this? According to trumpgolfcount.com, the combined cost of his 211 golf trips (to the taxpayer) stands at five times the agreed-upon amount, at $109,000,000.

Still not convinced? Netflix paid $100 million to continue streaming Friends. For a solitary year. Paris Saint-Germain paid $246,496,865 for one Brazillian person, Neymar, who earns twice the G7 donation ($41 million dollars) a year, for five years. It’s worth noting that DiCaprio donated $5 million to help tackle the issue, but he earned the same amount as the G7 cheque for Inception. Even if we’re to twist the alphanumeric soubriquet of the grouped nations and subtract a number, the retail price for one Gulfstream G650 jet aka the ‘G6’ is three times the amount promised to Brazil.

Try harder, idiots.





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