Study: The key to having more sex is wiggling your thumb

According to the findings of one study, the key to having more sex is at your fingertips. If you dare.



Often, you wonder the legitimacy of these claims of science, as they’re clearly at odds with reality.

According to one study, the key to having more sex is using more emojis. I thought the opposite becomes true after one’s 18th birthday.

Nevertheless, study author Amanda Gesselman noted that she was “particularly interested in emojis because prior research on online dating has shown that shorter messages have the best response rate, which means that you have just a couple sentences to convey your personality, potential compatibility, and ‘hook’ that potential date,” she told PsyPost.

In the meat of the study, Gesselman and her mob prodded 5,327 single adults about their emoji usage and found that “28.2% frequently used emojis in texts with potential dates, while 37.6% said they never did. Those who frequently sent emojis tended to engage in more sexual activity over the course of a year.”

“It’s important to note that these were correlational studies and can’t speak to causality,” Gesselman explained to PsyPost. “We can’t say that using emojis more frequently causes more dating and sexual ‘success,’ but it is likely that people who use emojis more often are more emotionally expressive, and emotionally intelligent, a skill that tends to be important in forming satisfying relationships.”

According to the researchers, texting lacks the nuance of the eggplant emoji.

“Think about meeting someone new and having them tell you all about their private life and sharing strong emotions with you before you’ve reached a point and time where that’s normal,” Gesselman told PsyPost. “It feels strange and overwhelming. It seems that people feel the same in the digital context when interacting with someone they don’t know yet.”

Yeah, I’m out.



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