As the Amazon burns, world leaders are fighting over Macron’s wife

Jair Bolsonaro has flatly rejected the G7 money to save the Amazon, citing a personal problem between him, Emmanuel Macron and his wife. Yes, really.



Yesterday at school pick up, we massed parents were subject to the furious drone of an unchained toddler. While the rest of us internally rolled our eyes, the situation was best defined by its mother, who said, “you’ve lost sight of what you’re upset about”, but he could not be reached. The sound went on.

As the Amazon burns, we’re dealing with another group of children, as world leaders are willing to fiddle with themselves and flick boogers at each other.

Yesterday, we reported that the G7 summit promised $20 million dollars to save the Amazon, which is 0.000006% of their net wealth. Lol.

Overnight, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro rejected the funds, before later maybe accepting it, providing a series person caveats are met. Side note, he addressed the initial rejection of the money in the third person, asking the press “Did I say that? Did I? Did Jair Bolsonaro speak?”

Earlier, Bolsonaro flatly rejected the idea of an international alliance to save the Amazon, before taking aim at Emmanuel Macron’s wife, after a post on Bolsonaro’s Facebook page compared the appearance of his wife with that of the French first lady. Bolsonaro’s official account then commented: “Don’t humiliate the guy … haha.”

Macron described the remark as “extremely disrespectful”.

Bolsonaro will accept the money, providing that Macron withdraws “insults made to my person”. What?

Also, we’re dealing with an individual willing to sacrifice the Amazon over his ego.

While the toddler’s schoolyard tantrum had the luxury of carrying on after the bill, with Bolsonaro, we do not. Grow up idiots, and quickly.





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