As Practifi’s Lindsey Hanson explains, once you create a customer-centric business, your customers will be the best sales team you could ask for.



Lindsey Hanson is the head of Customer Success at Practifi, a cloud-based business management platform powering growing financial advice firms around the world. In a recent conversation with Eric Dye on EPN (the Enterprise Podcast Network), Lindsey was keen to discuss why so many companies see customer success and building customer relationships as purely just a cost of doing business, rather than a priority to help their businesses thrive.

“I think it’s actually one of two things,” Lindsey explained. “In my experience, they either see customer success as a cost of doing business because they have to hire people with industry expertise… or they think that the function is really to create revenue and sales.”

Lindsey was keen to point out the Practifi difference. “We like to have people who are learning a fairly complex product well… we really appreciate hiring people with a broad range of experience. (This can be) CRM systems or complex database systems and they also potentially have a background in the industry.” Lindsey agreed that means it can be a pretty expensive hire, but, “for us, we really see it as extremely valuable and positive to have really experienced people in our team.”


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As to the second point, Lindsey believes that Practifi really understands that customer success is about much more than just creating a sales team to grow the business. “We see it as absolutely necessary to have our customers be our best referral tools, so we’ve really made ourselves the customer success centric business…” She believes that you can’t just see customer success as a cost or revenue-generation part of the business because this completely misses the point.

For a business to really succeed, customers have to feel like they are valued and valuable. This helps keep old clients and helps refer new ones.  “Some of our best ideas from products have come from customers and seeing their ongoing satisfaction is probably the best part of the business. It’s pretty important,” Lindsey said.

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About Practifi: Practifi ensures financial advice firms can realise their full growth potential while revolutionising financial services technology the world over. As a cloud-based business management platform, Practifi manages clients, partners, providers and centres-of-influence through a clean, intuitive interface. It’s the new benchmark for CRM-based systems in financial advice. With offices in Sydney and Chicago, and loyal clients across APAC, Europe and North America, Practifi is passionate about partnering with advisors, providing the tools required to lead the financial advisory firm of the future.




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