In this town, politics is a form of entertainment, with no-one more so than Pauline Hanson. But is she speaking for herself, or being spoken for?



All week, we’ve been subject to the Hanson loop. Pauline has tap-danced upon the tall letters of newspaper headlines, and in turn, she has fielded vast criticism. However, this week is slightly different, as, amazingly, she’ll steer an inquiry into Family Law. Lord above.

But I contend that there is something else afoot.

You see, when Pauline Hanson was re-elected, two Paulines (three if you count Pantsdown – Ed) re-entered the Discourse Dome: the one that Pauline is, and the one that we assume she is. From a media standpoint, this week was the great Gold Rush of 1851.

Now, I’m not defending her xenophobic policies, nor would I ever brake in traffic for anyone who supported her, but therein lies the trap. I dislike Pauline Hanson through assumption; assumption based on the headlines which trickle down into my newsfeed, and which I give the most Titanic of wide berths. I’ll read the headlines and move on. After all, why would I read the article? It’s about Pauline Hanson. The situation further coated in unbalanced irony, as I am now writing a piece on Pauline Hanson.

But! There’s a reason. For recklessly imbibing antifreeze, I have figured it out. Pauline is here to keep our bleeding media industry alive.

With print media looking wan and notable digital media agencies labouring under the free-market economy of opinion, what is needed is someone to drive content and flesh out the inches of yore.

The rule with Pauline seems to be not what she said, but rather, what we, the media, can make her say. Much like the time that Renee Zellweger was a puppet, manipulated by the hand of Richard Gere in the musical/town of Chicago. As they wanted a show, not the truth, so do we.

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Is Pauline the Lee Harvey Oswald of a larger plot? Merely the lamb to be korma-ed? Maybe. The ramblings of a man gone wrong at his own hand? Maybe. Maybe xenophobia is so hot right now, and, as our chum the Masked Lib pointed out, maybe her reappearance is the far Right countering the far Left.

Hanson is now a paid mouthpiece for the media. She’s become the means to her own end. This, of course, is the same person who once put the media on blast. As far as irony goes, I’d rather plug it in and bathe with it.



I’m not saying that Pauline Hanson is a creation of the media (I have not the proof), but the timing is strange. For the cupboard was bare, and two media titans fell over themselves to win her hand.  Trump has fizzled out, Dutton has fizzled out, The Election, that certainly has fizzled out, and there’s suddenly space for ambiguity, and discussion in shades of grey. Suddenly we know nothing, but, suddenly, there’s Pauline, and the news again shines anew. The face we all hate, the one that launches a thousand articles, memes and shakes of the head.







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