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A meme comes to life at Area 51, but will we see dem aliens?

The organiser pulled out, the Air Force told attendees not to come to Area 51, but this morning, goddamn it, they made it. Well, one at least.



“Alienstock” was the supposed to be the meme event of 2019, a chance to bum rush Area 51, in order to “see dem aliens”. The only qualifier? One must run towards barbed wire in an anime fashion in order to out-run the machine guns.If fingers of blame are to be pointed, one must finger the original organiser, Matty Roberts, who created the Facebook event  “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us”, has since withdrawn from the event, citing numerous issues (including the difficulty of obtaining insurance for a massacre) before promising to hold a music event in Los Angeles instead.


But, it’s not all doom and/or gloom, as it seems that the advanced Naruto runners have made it to Nevada, as one learned individual was caught on camera doing the infamous jog.

The sight of a meme coming to life (if only for a moment) has emboldened the dorks of the internet, who took to comment boxes to reflap their wings of hope, labelling this moment as their “favourite massacre ever” and hoping that this “brave ninja” will “come back alive”.

How wonderful.


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