Morrison sends $150 million into the wide blue yonder, joins Donald’s Mars mission

Despite the problems at home, Scott Morrison has found $150 million of our money to give to the Americans to join Donald’s Mars mission.



For reasons unknown, Scott Morrison has decided to give the Americans $150 million of our taxes toward Donald’s resource seeking mission to Mars. The man himself said, “we’re pretty good at mining in Australia…space is about jobs as much as anything else.”

Previously, Scott’s trip to Washington has been closer to Mick Dundee’s trip to Los Angeles, an outsider doing his darndest to introduce Australianisms to the streets that don’t really care.



But, it’s been mostly harmless so far. If he wants to make a fool of himself, fine. Yes, he’s representing us, but no actual damage done.

However, this amount of money represents a problem. To use the above example, while Mick Dundee brought a knife, Morrison brought a pen.

Cutting that large a cheque is at odds with reality. Focusing on a planet we can’t see, and a date we can’t figure, is a problem. Putting the concept of budgetary planning aside, at best, this move represents ambition, and worst, naked lap-doggery. In 2018, Scott Morrison added a new Space Agency in Adelaide, with the ABC at the time noting that “he predicted the agency and the Government’s investment of $41 million would help…create up to 20,000 jobs by 2030.”

There was no mention of further expenditure or expense at the time. It’s hard not to look at this through a cynical lens, and it’s difficult not to view Scott squirrelling away taxpayer funds for his trip to America to wiggle closer to Donald Trump.

It particularly grates when you consider where else this money could have gone to. If we can put aside the obvious, in that raising the rate of welfare would be a grand idea, we could also note Morrison’s wilful silence regarding Friday’s historic climate change demonstrations.

However, it’s clear where Morrison’s attention lies: The White House and the stars above it.

Beam me up, cobber.






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