NSW set to decriminalise abortion, final vote today

After a 40 hour debate, the NSW government is set to finally decriminalise abortion, ending a century of legal persecution.



Today is seemingly the day, as abortion is set to be decriminalised in NSW, after the bill was finally agreed upon, after a lengthy debate.

The amended bill (and the debate of 40 hours) was purportedly enough to satisfy rebel Liberal MP Tanya Davies, who said an “agreement” was reached over the issue of late-term abortions, who momentarily threatened to topple Gladys Berejikilian over her ‘handling’ of the original bill.

Davies had the most vituperative scorn for the bill, forcing an amendment to uphold existing practices for abortion after 22 weeks, lest she quit politics. Pardon the editorialising, but good on you for representing the populace and not yourself, Tan.

“I understand that there has been an agreement on the wording of the amendment dealing with late-term abortions but this is still not final,” Mrs Davies said on Wednesday.

Per Fairfax, “Mrs Davies identified four amendments that she wanted, including dealing with sex-selection abortions, a baby born after a termination, and conscientious objection for doctors.”

Three out of the four have passed the house.

Niall Blair, Nationals MLC said that “I think we are getting close to a point where we can provide safe access under a regulated system for terminations if a woman so desires and provide a framework and further clarification around some of the concerns that have been raised by the community and some members during the debate.”


The bill is expected to pass the lower house this morning, ending the century-long criminalisation of abortion.





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