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Police officer gets 20 years for blackmailing women into sex

A former NSW police officer is behind bars after a decade of scamming and bullying women into having sex with him.



Former New South Wales Police officer, Vaughan Mark Hildebrand is behind bars, serving a 20-year sentence for his “cunning, calculating and manipulative” crimes.

The former policeman pleaded guilty to 44 charges, including 11 counts of sexually assaulting four women. He is required to spend a minimum term of at least 15 years behind bars.

The 30-year-old, who joined the NSW Police force in 2011 has also admitted to several counts of using a carriage service to menace or harass a person, soliciting child pornography and wilful misconduct in public office.

Over the course of a decade or more, he tormented 15 victims in total, four of whom he scammed or bullied into having intercourse with him.


‘Failed human’

In sentencing, NSW District Court Judge Robyn Tupman delivered a scathing assessment of Mr Hildebrand’s behaviour including that he ‘failed as a human being in the way he abused, manipulated and callously dealt with his victims’.

Judge Tupman said that furthermore, he ‘abused his position as a police officer, he abused the trust of his friends, he abused the trust of his partner.’

The court heard details of Mr Hildebrand’s abuse, including his use of fake identities to contact women he was friends with and the threats he made to force them to release intimate photos of themselves.

Some of the women who approached him for help, in his capacity as a Police Officer, had no idea that he was the stranger tormenting them through Facebook and Snapchat.


The offending escalated

In fact, a number of Hildebrand’s victims were fellow police officers. His first offence occurred in 2007, when his victim was a teenager. He forced her to perform oral sex by threatening to send nude images of her to her family and friends and later to her boss.

The offences occurred between 2010 and 2016. Mr Hidebrand was suspended without pay in 2017 after complaints by ten separate women. He later resigned from the police force. He was refused bail and has been behind bars since May 2017.

In November 2017, seven additional women came forward accusing the former officer of sexual misconduct. And last month, another two women made allegations of sexual assault against him.

The NSW Police Force has distanced itself from their former employee, with acting assistant commissioner David Donohue saying he is “horrified” by the allegations.

Mr Hildebrand developed a scheme to blackmail women into having sexual intercourse with him long before he became a New South Wales Police officer, but his employment in the force merely gave him the authority and power he craved to better execute his plans.





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