‘Recruitment Rebooted’ panel to rethink HR and hiring

In the upcoming Recruitment Rebooted event, experts are set to unpack the challenges of future-proofing HR and recruitment in the Australian landscape.



Adopting the latest in recruitment and retention ‘best practices’ remains one of the key factors for a business to gain a strategic advantage.

Few understand this as well as background checking SaaS business PASS Technology, which – together with global recruitment platform, JobAdder – have collaborated to host Recruitment Rebooted, an event designed to showcase the latest thinking and trends in recruitment, talent acquisition and management, as well as company culture.

Taking place in Sydney on Thursday 10 October, the panel discussion will be facilitated by international HR and Recruitment influencer, Hung Lee – CEO of London-based tech talent matching service Workshape.io. Best known for his curated content platform ‘Recruiting Brainfood’, Hung’s platform is known as “the industry newsletter for the talent business”.

Some of the key talking points on the agenda include the concept of ‘Total Talent Management’, how HR can identify their key stakeholders and work more closely with them as well as the best ways to hire in the ‘gig economy’. Ultimately, the overarching theme revolves around how recruitment can be rebooted through clever tech adoption and process improvement.



“It’s great to finally connect with the HR and Recruitment community in Sydney,” Hung said. “The Australian community has been incredibly welcoming and Recruitment Rebooted is a fantastic opportunity to explore how the industry is evolving locally and how local professionals can think and act differently in this evolving landscape.”

PASS Technology, a UK-based background screening software company – which recently branched out into operations in Australia – is working at the forefront of emerging HR tech innovations. CEO Luke Battah said this ‘Recruitment Rebooted’ panel has specifically been created to offer attendees vital insight into the exciting and rapidly emerging world of HR technology.

“We’re excited about being able to welcome Hung Lee to Sydney for his first-ever event here while collaborating with JobAdder, the Australian-founded recruitment platform that now has a global footprint,” he said.

To find out more and register, visit the event site.






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