Facebook is inventing teleporting glasses, and all they’re asking for is our data (and our trust)

Last month, Facebook announced that they’re developing glasses that will allow us to teleport anywhere in the world. All they need is our data and our trust. Hmm.



Back in September, Facebook announced a rather lofty/silly goal, they’re going to develop a pair of glasses that will allow us to travel anywhere in the world via teleportation.

Per Quartz, “…the AR glasses will be able to tap into the maps, enabling a digital ”teleportation” to another place. Instead of your actual self going to a location of your choosing, it will be a hyper-realistic avatar, that the company is already working on.”

Purportedly, the maps will be able to search and share information about the physical world as you ‘walk’ through it.



Of course, this means feeding Facebook what we fear the most: data. Because the maps will be constructed on information gleaned from our devices, the company released a statement saying that they’ll “continue this work with privacy in mind, engaging global experts for their feedback as we think through best practices and how people can retain control of their information.”






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