“Let’s work out a good deal!” Trump’s embarrassing letter to Erdoğan

The White House confirmed the legitimacy of a letter containing childish name-calling and desperate threats directed at Erdoğan after he invaded Syria.



“Don’t be a fool…I will call you later.”

The words above belong to a sensational letter penned by Donald Trump to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, upon the latter’s march into Syria. In it, Donald states that he doesn’t “want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy…but I will”, before descending into childish name-calling and nicely asking Erdoğan to slaughter the Kurdish people “in a right and humane way.”


Trump’s letter, confirmed by the White House.


Remarkably, Erdoğan wasn’t convinced.

Hideously, it offers the world a glimpse into the inner-workings of Donald’s brain. As the chief of the world police, this is him at peak sabre-rattling. It comes across as a primary schooler asking his bully not to beat him up after school, because it’s not the nice thing to do, please.

This letter instantly reminded me of Blackadder Goes Forth. With Edmund facing a court-martial, he finds the hapless George is his legal representative.

Edmund: George, I’m in trouble here…I’m not sure your particular brand of mindless optimism is going to contribute much to the proceedings.


George: Well, that’s a shame, sir, because I was planning on playing the mindless optimism card very strongly.


Edmund: I beg your pardon?


George: Yes, I’ve already planned my closing address based on that very thing. Oh, go on, let him off, your honour, please! It’s a lovely day. Pretty clouds, trees, birds, etc. I rest my case.





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