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Media companies that hold government fundraisers call for press freedom

Today, our newspapers proudly took a stand against a government-controlled press. Which works, if you happen to ignore the last five years.



Today, the front pages of our newspapers are blacked out in protest, calling for a media free of government influence.

But, according to independent media analysts, they’re taking the piss.



“It’s an important statement, providing you don’t read the papers,” said Twitter hatchet person Ariel Font.

Font was quick to reference the $10,000 a head Liberal fundraiser held by Nine-Fairfax back in September, one that provoked the newspaper to note that they’ve always been independent.


According to independent media analysts, they’re absolutely taking the piss.


“A media landscape that ignores climate change data, victimises school children, protects paedophiles and publishes according to who controls their funding is worth saving,” she said.

According to an unnamed source, a large media organisation has already started sending out invites to a $10,000-a-head government-sponsored event that will discuss the details of free(r) press.





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