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How many scandals can we stomach from Angus?

I’m of the mind that Angus Taylor has nudes of Scott Morrison, as the man somehow survives scandal after scandal.



The Australian political landscape is an odd one. One resistant to the whims of racism, incompetence and trysts of a romantic nature. However, there is a limit, and one is fortunate to survive more than a handful of the above.

The exception, it seems, is Angus Taylor. If John Gotti was the ‘Teflon Don’, Taylor is the saucepan set found in the Aldi discount bin, as every piece of shit seems to stick to him.

Today, the minister for energy, emissions (and perhaps scandal) finds himself planted in the centre of criminal conduct accusations. In fact, Labor spent some of today’s Question Time stating that the rozzers of NSW should get involved. According to Paddy Manning of The Monthly, Guardian Australia’s revelation that the minister made claims regarding the travel expenses of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore on the basis of a doctored document, which his office provided to The Daily Telegraph, is extremely damaging for the government. Taylor flatly denied allegations of forgery in the House today, and refused any demands for evidence he and his office had nothing wrong.”

In response to the Question Time allegations, Taylor claimed that Labor were “all smear and no idea”.

Again, he finds himself at the shady intersection of oh-no and not again. If he manages to survive this scandal, it clearly suggests that Angus has some photos of the Prime Minister in the boudoir or worse, is above judgement. Question Time ended with the Liberals using their numbers to silence further debate.


The exception, it seems, is Angus Taylor. If John Gotti was the ‘Teflon Don’, Taylor is the saucepan set found in the Aldi discount bin, as every piece of shit seems to stick to him.


As for the volumes of Taylor’s scandal, it’s choose your own misadventure. Putting aside the fact that electricity prices have gone up under his stewardship, he finds himself embroiled in #Grassgate, where “Angus Taylor’s brother, Richard, was caught along with his similarly confused fellow farmers of the southern Monaro, allegedly spraying out a tract of native grasslands. Despite an almost two-year investigation of the issue by the NSW government (Angus Taylor’s sister-in-law Bronwyn Taylor was the parliamentary secretary to John Barilaro during this time), the investigation stalled until it was handpassed to the federal Department of Environment and Energy. The awkward part, of course, is that Angus Taylor was a minister in the federal government at the time and as his Watergate credentials show, he naturally distanced himself from any proceedings involving his brother,” wrote investigative journalists Ronni Salt and Jommy Lee.

If that doesn’t float your boat, Taylor was also implicated in a different gate, #Watergate, this time involving an $80 million (publicly-funded) water buyback to a private firm he was once the director of, one that also happens to be a subsidiary of an entity based in the Cayman Islands.

But, back to today’s effort. Taylor assured the House that he would “make no apology for suggesting that the Lord Mayor should take real and meaningful action to reduce the City of Sydney’s carbon emissions instead of hollow virtue-signalling through letters”.

He also assured that the forgery wasn’t done by him, despite the fact that the Telegraph got ahold of a fake document with doctored travel figures in concert with the Lord Mayor. Whether Taylor fishes out the original, or he donates his metadata, is almost irrelevant.

It’s got to the point where he’s becoming shorthand for himself.



To be kind to history, Nixon vacated after one gate. How many are we willing to grant Taylor?



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