Pauline Hanson may have failed to keep Uluru open to white tourism, but she’s quickly found another axe to grind.



After failing to keep Ayers Rock open to people like herself, Pauline Hanson has fronted the media today to announce the location of her next crusade.

“When I was growing up, Antarctica was entirely white, now that great landmass is showing the effects of multiculturalism.”

Pauline directed the attention of the media to before-and-after shots, with the One Nation senator pointing out the spots of brown that dot the landscape. “As I’ve proved, the bleaching of coral on the Great Barrier Reef is natural, whereas this sudden colouration of Antarctica is not.”

Hanson has asked the government to close Antarctica to tourism and scientific purposes immediately, to preserve the memory of the “proud white explorers” who “discovered this land”.

Hanson hopes that these moves will “stop the whole continent turning brown”.





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