Trump impeachment passes house, public hearings now due

Well, it’s inching closer, as the means of impeaching Donald Trump has passed the first hurdle, with public hearings next up.



Well, the possibility of impeachment is upon us, as the house is moving to formalise the process against Donald Trump. The vote, passing by a measure of 232-196 will see public hearing look into the matter of Donald’s July phone call with Ukranian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

On the right-hand side of town, every Republican in the house voted against the matter (apparently as the information is ‘too partisan’), and the impeachment is seen as a “desperate” move by the current POTUS.

What isn’t know, is when these hearings will be taking place, and who will feature in them. One we want to see is Charles Kupperman, Trump’s deputy national security adviser (until last month) who flew a middle finger to a congressional subpoena and did not turn up at this scheduled deposition. It is hoped that Kupperman will be forced to testify, as he was listening in on the phoner in question.

Gratingly, we’ll not know for sure for another month, with the judge presided the decision deciding to put it back a month.



Someone who has already given a deposition is Trump’s top Russian analyst, Tim Morrison. The statement (which will soon be made public), doubling down on his initial thoughts, in that what Donald did was not illegal, but did reference the fêted quid pro quo, where the President attempted to trade information on Joe Biden’s family lest Ukraine’s future military assistance be cut.




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