Video shows HK police shooting unarmed protester

In a video that leaves nothing to the imagination, the Hong Kong police have shot a protester during morning rush hour.



A video shared on Reddit clearly shows one protester was shot in the abdomen by Hong Kong police after demonstrations continued in the city.

The @hkpoliceforce took to Twitter, confirming that their officers had drawn their guns, and one protestor had been shot.



For those who have witnessed the video, will understand that it is far more complex, and far more visceral than the official tone taken on Twitter.

For those who haven’t, the video depicts a small scuffle, with the victim approaching a solitary officer in order to break a headlock enabled by the office. After the shot (and two more that allegedly followed), the protester was then seen lying in a pool of blood with his eyes wide open.

Pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong said that the crackdown had begun early in the day and showed footage of clashes between police and protesters.

“Barely 9 o’clock in the morning, and across the other side of town, in Kwai Fong, a traffic cop gone berserk on a motorcycle is running protesters over,” Wong wrote.



Today’s violence arrives a week after a student died after falling from a building after being a group of protestors were broken up by police. The protestor remains in a critical condition.






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